Public Relations

Need to rise above the noise? Looking for new customers? 

We can help.

How does it work?

We provide a free evaluation consultation to discuss what you are looking to achieve, and to understand and outline your goals. After we determine your unique value asset that separates your product or service from your competitors, we review your company website and social media presence.  

Once we have established an overview of the market landscape, we create a competitive analysis and write a powerful SEO enhanced press release that will serve as the foundation for our promotion.  

When your press release is created, it will be sent to you for comments. We never share anything with the press without your prior written approval.  We take your feedback and continue to edit, update or completely rewrite any parts of the text that you are unhappy with. 

Only when you are 100% satisfied will we take the finished copy and blast it out to bloggers, and post it on news sites, industry specific portals and free wire services.  

Each campaign is unique.  We do not offer cookie cutter services.  

We pride ourselves on thinking out of the box.  We work with clients to achieve their awareness goals in a timely, cost effective way, beginning with setting up free Google Alerts to monitor your media awareness and our campaign effectiveness. These alerts typically have links to news postings and public reviews about your business.  

Contact us to make an appointment or request more information.